Sunday, 20 October 2013

This is Me

Ok, I have finally done it and started my very own blog. I have been thinking of doing one for a while but never really thought I would have much to say. Turns out I have plenty! People who know me certainly won't be surprised by that revelation.

So what is Starshine and Violets all about then? Well I'm not so sure yet. I hope the blog will grow and develop it's own personality as I explore the world of parenting a gorgeous little girl, developing my interests in yoga, holistic living, creative pursuits and taking up causes that are important to my heart.
I love strawberries!

I am Cori and I am Mum to Isadora - a vibrant force of nature and a constant joy in my life.
My little force of nature - out camping
 My husband Graham is my partner in crime. He keeps the sunshine in my life, when skies are grey. Between them they are my world.
Graham and Isadora at the beach

Oh and not forgetting our two furry cats. I say cats, but I use that word loosely. One of the girls, Lily, barely qualifies. Ok so she is the sweetest animal, but I am sure she is part dumpling. 

My little Lily Dumpling

Rose, on the other hand, is more like a cat  but with a dog like sense of loyalty to me. Her nose has been pushed out of joint since the arrival of 'that child'.

Rose enjoying the summer

So what do I have planned? I am about to start blogging (I have already started over here if you want to take a peek) about my latest undertaking. I am tackling two separate Three Peak Challenges (Yeah, I know!), in order to raise funds and awareness for Pregnancy Sickness Support! So, if you want, please check out my fundraising page here at BT MyDonate . PSS is a charity that helps to provide support for women suffering from nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I suffered from this little known, debilitating condition and I feel really passionate about helping other women going through it too. I plan to add in my journey to integrate yoga into my life and eventually becoma a yoga teacher. And I also want to add in my favourite recipes, photos, places I've visited and sometimes even, my thoughts on love, life and the universe. So nothing too major then! Most of all I intend to have fun. And I hope you do too!


  1. Blog on...this will be grand are like the daughter I never had ... shall share a tiny portion of you with your mum and Graham.....keep the stars brightly shining and we can all dine on your dreams under a silver sky

  2. Hey Pete! Thank you for your lovely comments. Like I say, my wonderful friends have inspired me to write this blog and also given me the courage to put it out there. Love and light x