Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Playing Catch Up

I started this blogging lark off with a bang and felt very upbeat and positive about it. And still do, but I find myself playing catch up at the moment with all the things I have got on. Life is happening whilst I am making plans. So, I am trying to catch up with an enormous amount of DIY..........

The green and peach boudoir

I am trying to organise the admin on my email accounts, search for a job, sort the office space out and sort our stuff out for sale.

Stuff for sale..... somewhere!

And then of course I need to get cracking with writing and promoting my shiny new blog. I have about 3 different blogs lurking around in the back of my mind.There is the one where I went to Norfolk to visit new friends who felt like old friends. There are 2 more where I catch up with my 6 Peak Challenge blog. I have not blogged there for 3, nearly 4 weeks now. Like I say, life got in the way. Viral life forms to be precise. I had a stomach bug that lasted nearly a week. Then Isadora had a cold which developed into croup, just as I had recovered. And just as Graham and I took a rare break away for a night to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary (and that is a separate blog in itself). As she was recovering from croup but still nursing the cold, I decided to share the cold with her and we took it down to Norfolk together. So, in the two weeks since I got back I have been playing the catch up game. And missing Norfolk whilst I am at it......

Friends - photo courtesy of  Emma Edwards


  1. If you are missing Norfolk, come back but visit old friends. Come stay in Norwich and meet Greg

  2. Thanks Celia! I will take you up on that. Hope to come back to Norfolk soon

  3. Wowee! 8th wedding anniversary already! Hope you're all feeling better now xx

  4. I know Ellie! Can't believe it is 8 years! And we have a 2 year old too. I am eeling better thanks, but it has taken a long time to get over all the various bugs! Hope you are all well too x